CLub - High School

We believe in the discipleship model displayed by Jesus in his relationships with his disciples. From this model, our approach to youth ministry is one that puts us where students are and invites them to walk with us as we live a life after Christ. We believe in the power of relationship and "earning the right to be heard". We have a great team of passionate leaders who are active on social media, attend sports events, plays, or just go to get some coffee with students. We have larger group events on a monthly basis to help foster a sense of community and to have fun together. Our goal in all that we do is that at some point a student will encounter the living God.

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490 - Middle School

At 490 we want to help the youth of the church to become better friends with each other, to make new friends, and to become friends with Jesus. The adult leaders make this happen by planning events and gatherings to accomplish these goals. Whether it is hosting a pizza party, having a Bible study or buying a student Starbucks and listening to how school was that day; leaders want to build a friendship and community with the students to help guide them in their faith.

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Student Info & Code of Conduct

In order for students to participate in activities with Crossroads Community Church it is necessary to complete the student info & code of conduct form. Simply click on the "complete form" button below.