during the week

Real faith in a real world happens twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week...not for one hour on Sundays. The people of Crossroads gather in organized groups and serving teams throughout the week. Even more happens in less organized coffees, playdates, cookouts, workouts, texts and phone calls. Any place where life is happening our faith is present.

Student Ministry

Mission: To LOVE all students; LEAD all students to Jesus; BUILD a community who LOVE God/Others

Values: Invitation (Relationship) and Challenge (Discipleship)

Vision: Everything we do will help Students LOOK UP to Jesus, 

LEAN IN to each other, and REACH OUT to those who are poor in spirit and resources

Goal: Make Disciples who then will make Disciples


Our regular gathering for students grades 6 - 12

that happens roughly twice per month. 

Club provides students with time of worship in song, 

biblical teaching and single sex, age specific, small group discussion

Big Night Out

Events for all students grades 6-12

designed for Crossroads' students to invite their friends. 

Events  this year will be High Ropes Course, Turkey Bowl Flag Football,

Snow tubing and Super Bowl Party and much more

Trips and Retreats

This year we are once again partnering with Young Life, 

The More House and The Philly Project

to provide your students with life-changing trips and retreats.

The Details

All specific information about each event, permission slips and payment forms

can be found on the Crossroads Hub. Click here to visit the Hub

Questions? Contact John Seferian

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If we are serious about loving others we must be Connected. At Crossroads Connection means meeting people where they are, so that we might help each other grow in relationship with Christ. As we grow closer to Christ we grow closer to each other. The pages in this section offer a quick overview of different ways to get connected. If you would like  more information please visit each ministries page.

Children's Ministry

Student Ministry

MANTIME - Men's Ministry

Rooted - Women's Ministry

During the Week

Real faith in a real world happens twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week...not for one hour on Sundays. The people of Crossroads gather in organized groups and serving teams throughout the week. Even more happens in less organized coffees, playdates, cookouts, workouts, texts and phone calls. Any place where life is happening our faith is present.

What to Expect on sunday Morning


Every Sunday 10:00 - 11:15 AM

30 Frenchtown Rd, Frenchtown Elementary School, Trumbull, CT

Our gatherings provide an opportunity to connect and experience God through music and Biblical messages applicable to our everyday lives. To help us engage during the service, we may use a video, a personal interview, creative visuals, or open dialogue with the teaching pastor. 


Join us before the worship gathering to build relationships with others at Crossroads through sharing life and faith experiences. 

Contact Tom Kay for more info. 


Welcome to KIDSROADS! Crossroads is happy to provide a safe, fun place for your kids to spend time learning about God, the Bible and develop relationships with peers and adults.

Contact Rachel Seferian for more info.


Each week after our service join us for coffee and tasty treat in the foyer. Meet someone new, catch up with a friend and relax before heading out


The hub - 


Are you looking for a registration form? Need to submit a prayer request?  Want to make a donation to Crossroads? Look no further than the Crossroads Hub.  The hub is conveniently located at Crossroadsct.info.  Anything you want to do or be involved in, the first step is Crossroadsct.info.

Click here to be taken to the hub

  • Director of Student ministries


    My name is John and I started attending Crossroads when I was in High School. Sometime around then someone teased me about my facial hair and my nickname has been "Scruff" ever since. I am currently a full time PE Teacher in Norwalk and I am taking online seminary classes. I have an amazing wife Rachel and a crazy toddler Hannah. Our family loves teenagers and wants to see them become fully devoted followers of Jesus


  • Rachel Seferian, director of Children's Ministries

    My name is Rachel. I came to Crossroads in 2015 after marrying my husband, John. I love working with children and youth, especially my daughter, Hannah. Before following God’s call to be the director of kids’ ministry for Crossroads, I was a special education teacher and volunteered with the middle school ministry. I am excited to continue working with the middle schoolers while also leading KidsRoads and raising our crazy munchkin.


  • Connections Coordinator

    Gail Kay

    My name is Gail Kay.  I started attending Crossroads in 1998 as a young mom.  Throughout the years, the Crossroads family has pulled me closer to Jesus amidst all the craziness of parenting, working full time and the business of this life!  I love helping people get connected at Crossroads and find the right next steps to engage fully in our community.    I am blessed to work for the Trumbull school system as a speech-language pathologist, love to be out in nature and enjoy building projects of all kinds.


  • Founders -

    Rich and Heidi Joy

    In the early 1990’s we felt the stirrings of the Holy Spirit leading us to start a new kind of church in our area.  Where community was based on real relationships with God and with each other. Where believers could grow in their faith as they sharpened one another, and where spiritual seekers were welcomed and the truths of Christianity were clearly explained.  A church where genuine worship reflected current music styles, where the arts were integrated and change was embraced. In 1993, along with a group of 14 others, we planted Crossroads. Over the years we have seen people come to faith, rediscover faith in Jesus, grow in steady next steps – all in the context of authentic community.    We’re so thankful that God allowed us to be part of the Crossroads story! And once again in 2018 we began to feel the stirrings of the Spirit to do a new thing. Taking what we’ve learned about serving the church in healthy ways, we have launched a new ministry called “Breathe” - helping pastors and spouses to live whole, well-balanced lives.  You can check out what we’re doing at breatheministry.net

  • Tom Kay, lead Pastor

    My name is 6 letters...you would think that is short enough, but I am often called just TK. I answer to just about anything though. After spending ten years in the corporate world, I left to pursue full time ministry at Crossroads. I have not once looked back. I consider it a tremendous privilege to be a part of God's work in the lives of people...never a dull moment. Never a dull moment at home either. I have two sons, Jake 21 and Jared 18, two wild bulldogs and an amazing wife, Gail. I have a masters in Organizational Leadership (think half theology, half leadership) and am a certified Crossfit Trainer.

    roundedinstagram  roundedemail

  • Leanne Pethrick, director of Operations and Outreach

    Hi my name is Leanne. Coming from Australia, some people say I talk ‘funny’ (they don’t realize it’s actually them!) Crossroads became my new church home 8 years ago when my husband, 3 daughters and I, relocated to Connecticut. I love ‘to do’ lists and helping behind the scenes. It makes me so happy to see ideas and plans come together. I will hangout with you on the tennis court or in the kitchen anytime.


  • Ben Wang - Director of Worship Ministries

    Hi there! I’m Ben and I joined the Crossroads team in September 2019. Music has always been an important part of my life, ever since I started playing the violin when I was four years old. I eventually also learned to play the clarinet, piano, and guitar. I began leading musical worship in my youth group, and it was at a retreat where I realized that my joy in leading worship came from seeing everyone give God all the glory, honor and praise. Since then I’ve always been involved in worship team, in one form or another, whether it’s up on stage or behind the scenes. I married my wife in 2015 and we love to worship together! We long to see whole communities and families changed by the love of Christ! During the week, I also work part time as a physical therapist!



We have a passion for people, our town and our world. Our culture and leadership is characterized by our desire to  chase after Jesus as hard as we can. We do this in the ways that He has uniquely equipped us as individuals and a team. These core values have been shaped by our rich history of great co-workers and energy; always pressing forward in our call to love God and love others.


  • Live Openly

    I will speak into the lives of others and allow others to speak truth into my life, facilitating the process of becoming the people we were created to be (Proverbs 27:17, Matthew 5:23-24, Ephesians 4:15 )

  • Live for Others

    I will live out my faith in the context of intentional relationships, both with those inside and outside of the body of Christ (Philippians 2:1 – 4 & Matthew 28:18 – 20). 

  • Live Responsibly

    I will be personally responsible for cultivating my relationship with Christ and for living in a manner that reflects well on Christ and his church (Ephesians 4:1)

  • Live Generously

    I will give God the best of my time, talent, energy, gifts and the first-fruits (10%) of my financial resources (Mark 12:30 & Malachi 3:10)

  • Live Together

    I will actively engage in weekly worship gatherings, groups, and service opportunities. (1 Corinthians 12 & Hebrews 10:22 – 25). 

What we believe

THE BIBLE  We believe the Bible really is the "word" of God. He didn't actually sit down and write it, but He inspired specific people to write down the things that He really wanted us to know; therefore, we consider it completely reliable. There is no other writing out there that was inspired by God in the same way. The Bible holds the unique, full, and final say on everything having to do with our faith and the way we live our lives. (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21)

GOD There is only one true God who is eternal and in charge and in control of all things. Now, here's the mystery: God exists in three "persons": the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is what is known as the Trinity. (Matthew 28:19; John 10:30

JESUS CHRIST The second person of the Trinity, the Son, is Jesus Christ. Even though His very nature is God, He came to earth and took on a human nature as well by a miraculous conception and a virgin birth. Now, this is crucial: Nobody is perfect. We have all done stuff that goes against what God wants us to do. The good news is that Jesus chose to take on the punishment that we deserved. He died in our place to pay for our wrong doings. Now, all we have to do is accept and believe in what Jesus did for us. That will allow us to be reunited with God. That's it. God made it simple. We don't earn God's forgiveness by doing good things. Jesus already paid the price. But that is not the end of the story: On the third day after He died, He came back to life and then went up to heaven. If we believe in Him, we too will have a new life and be able to live eternally in heaven. (John 1:1, 14; Ephesians 2:8-9)

THE HOLY SPIRIT  The third person of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. When we accept what Jesus did for us, the Holy Spirit comes and starts living inside of us. Having Him inside of us is actually a good thing. Also, He doesn't have to leave one person to be in another. He can actually live inside each one of us at the same time. So, why is this a good thing? The Holy Spirit empowers us to meet the challenges of life, gives us gifts that we can use to help other people, and comforts us in times of need. (John 14:15-17; 1 Corinthians 12:4-7)