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Love god, love others - look up

Tom teaches that our problems are not a sign of how God feels about us.
Our problems are a sign of what He wants to do through us, for us and in us.

the gospel of matthew - road signs: bring them to me

Tom teaches how scarcity says, "I can't do this," while abundance says "Jesus can."

the gospel of matthew - road signs: come rest

Tom teaches that Jesus is inviting us to rest in Him and with Him.

the gospel of matthew - road signs: sent lives

Tom teaches that each time Jesus says "Follow Me," he is extending an invitation to himself and his mission.

The gospel of matthew - Road Signs: The cost of discipleship

Gail teaches that in order to walk the path of a disciple we must constantly reprioritize Jesus as the most important thing in our lives.

the gospel of matthew - road signs: enter through the narrow gate

Ian teaches how when confronted with the truth of who Jesus is and what he did we must respond. Our response dictates what our gate/way will look like and ultimately our destination.

The Gospel of matthew - road signs: Go Into your inner room

David teaches that prayer is about our heart and it should lead us to action.

the gospel of matthew - road signs: turn & go

Tom teaches that the love of Jesus is nothing short of revolutionary.
This love allows us to grab onto Jesus and our identity in Him and let go of revenge and retaliation. Gladiator clip:

THe gospel of matthew - road signs: go, be reconciled

Tom teaches that it is impossible to truly Love God and Love Others if you don't seek forgiveness from others.

the gospel of matthew - road signs: enter

Tom teaches on the greatest trade ever... checklist religion for a relationship with Jesus.

the gospel of matthew - road signs: follow me

Tom teaches that Jesus is always more than we understand Him to be

the problem of god: q & a

Tom answers questions submitted by the community. The video at the end of the sermon can be found here:

the problem of god: hypocrisy

Leanne teaches on how hypocrisy ends with us dying to self daily and taking up our cross and following Jesus

the problem of god: exclusivity

Tom teaches on how Christianity is a claim to exclusivity, but it is not alone. It is the responsibility of the believer to handle this exclusive claim to truth with all the grace that Jesus has shown them.

the problem of god: sex (part 1)

Tom teaches on how sex has been mishandled by both culture and the church. It is a gift from God that is both, so much more than we make it and not all that we make it out to be at the same time. Sex, like all other gifts from God, is supposed to draw people to Him.

love god, love others: life with jesus

Tom interviews members of our community about what Life with Jesus looks like for them

the problem of god: hell

Tom teaches that the key to the understanding of difficult things like Hell is viewing them through the lens of the perfect character of God

the problem of god: the Bible

David teaches that the Bible is reliable and that questions about it are good as long as we follow through with them.

the problem of god: the resurrection (easter 2019)

Tom teaches that the change in the eyewitnesses of the resurrection is both evidence to the resurrection and encouragement that change is possible.

THe problem of god: evil and suffering

Tom teaches how the question of the evil and suffering that faces mankind is answered by the evil and suffering that Jesus Christ endured for mankind.

The Problem of God: Does god exist?

John teaches on why the God of the Bible exists due to the impossibility for Him not to.

The problem of god: science

The beginning of our new teaching series. Tom teaches on how Christianity encourages scientific inquiry and that scientific inquiry will lead you closer to Christianity.

James - vital signs: pursue the wanderer

Tom teaches from James 5:19-20 and how Jesus relentlessly, lovingly pursues us and that we should do the same for others.

James - Vital Signs: Prayer

Tom teaches from James 5:13-18 and how prayer recognizes not only our need of God but also Gods ability and desire to meet those needs.

James - VItal signs: what are you saying?

David teaches this week from James 5:12 and tells us what it means for what we say

James - Vital Signs: confession

reach out

lean in

look UP - continued

Look UP

Love God, Love Others